CCH Entertainment Limited

Founded in 2018, CCHE is an affiliate of Creative China Holdings Limited, a company listed in Hong Kong (SEHK: 8368). With its headquarter established in Hong Kong, CCHE has its footprints in China, Taiwan, South Korea, Southeast Asia and etc. CCHE actively discovers talents with great potentials, organizes events and provides agency management to artists. We reach out to celebrities from many regions such as South Korea and other regions in the Asia, aiming to bring in a variety of shows and events from all over the world. 

CCHE mainly engaged in artist management as well as oversea artists agency. We invest, plan, organise and execute Concerts, Fans meeting events and etc. Our CEO has over 30 years of experience in artist management, record production and promotion, major program planning, and media broadcasting (including TV and radio) in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. The veteran team has rich experience and capability in media broadcasting, promotion, program production, and creative social media marketing. CCHE aims to promote its iconic image in the entertainment culture and art industries in Asia, and originate high-quality variety shows to the Globe. We believe our team will bring the entertainment and cultural industry to a new height. 

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