Industry profile

From a global perspective, the cultural industry has become a newly developed “sunrise industry” offering remarkable economic benefits and huge potential for growth. The cultural and creative industry as the high-end link within the cultural industry’s value chain has become the jewel of the whole industry. It represents the “soft-power” component of national culture, guides future trends across the wider cultural industry and ultimately drives economic development. With the release of China’s “[12th/13th] Five-year Plan, the cultural industry has been elevated to the status of a national strategic industry and the development of cultural and creative industry therefore benefits from a historic new opportunity presented by its more important role.

At present the cultural and creative industry places more emphasis on the cultivation of industry clusters through cross-sector, cross-department and cross-border development. With economic globalization, transnational cultural enterprises have emerged and trans-regional and cross-border cooperation has also taken place in the production, manufacturing and consumption of cultural goods and services. A new era of global integration and production within the cultural and creative industry is at hand.

New Talent Media regards creative culture and commercial development as the  twin engines for future development, relying on the integration of creative culture, design services and the developing economy. From a global perspective, the company leverages strategic innovation in terms of creative design. It develops products with both local and national characteristics, promoting outstanding Chinese creative productions around the world to raise the global profile of Chinese culture.

We believe that the brilliant new era of the creative economy [is already upon us/has already begun].

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