Octagons Impact

Octagons Impact


Octagons Impact is a comprehensive creativity-oriented cultural communication company, which focuses on large program production to provide integrated services for planning and design, activity execution and promotion.


Octagons Impact’s guiding concepts: Meaningful, Extensive and Perfection


l   Meaningful: highly creative thought and execution

l   Extensive: global wide-ranging perspective

l   Perfection: adherence to high standards


·Service values

l   Meaningful: professional and industry-leading creative plans and productions and high credibility with clients

l   Extensive: rich marketing experience and a branded service network with wide-coverage

l   Perfection: comprehensive high-quality services and working attitude dedicated to continuous improvement


·Values of staff

l   Meaningful: sincerity and warm friendship among colleagues

l   Extensive: broad platform with high development potential

l   Perfection: high-quality work and high responsibility

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