About us

In our productions, above all else, we have always been driven by the pursuit of innovation and creativity. The cultural output that we have created and produced covers a variety of original artistic forms including television singing concerts, movie premiere and award presentation ceremonies, multi-media musicals and star-hosted television shows. We are a pioneer within China, blazing trails for the industry and have organized many high-level creative international events, creative stage designs, visionary productions and communications, etc. which have been highly influential within the country.

2000: Created and produced the famous CCTV show The Same Song, which opened the curtain on large-scale television song concerts in China. The program popularized urban cultural events and facilitated the development of the Chinese cultural industry.

2001: Designed Zhang Yimou’s first ballet piece “Raise the Red Lantern,” which made great waves across the industry, recreating the first of Zhang Yimou’s global cultural masterpieces in a new format.

2002: Created and produced the global premiere for Ang Lee’s Oscar-winning movie “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” whilst creating a new marketing model for Chinese movies based on large-scale premieres.

2005: Created the first large-scale Chinese multimedia musical “Song of Light and Shadow,” a pioneering effort in the cross-border integration of original Chinese musicals.

2005: Produced the first Chinese star-hosted television program “Stars Movie Report,” introducing the concept of movie stars hosting television programs to greatly increase viewer ratings.

2008: Integrated creative technical concepts and cultural performances to create China’s first interactive laser dance performance with holographic image presentations.

2008: Created and hosted ‘China Night’ at the Cannes International Film Festival, establishing the importance of Chinese movies within the global cultural industry.

2010: Created and hosted the New York Chinese Film Festival at the Lincoln Center in New York, an pioneering promotion in the market development for supporting the release of Chinese movies in North America.

2012: Successfully sponsored the first personal art exhibition of the renowned artist Han Meilin at The National Museum of China, utilizing  of diversified multimedia creative forms.

High-standard production of large-scale movie award presentation ceremonies for Chinese movies highlighted by the Huabiao Film Awards, Golden Rooster Awards and Hundred Flowers Awards.

New Talent Media has instituted a collaboration model with global multi-national companies. It has hosted events related to the movie Transformers in the China region including the successful audition of actors there, the global premiere for Transformers 4 in North America, Europe and Asia as well as hosting the China Night at the Cannes International Film Festival. It has developed many cultural exhibitions with local themes and events related to large-scale commercial performances. In addition to the movie business with its all-round and integrated operations the organization’s productions also are engaged in the fields of tourism, real estate and local industries. It is our intention to exploit local promotional themes through creative integration on a national and even international scale.

We aim to more seamlessly connect corporate promotion and the philosophy of cultural recreation by replacing the traditional media framework with an innovative multimedia model inspired by the concept of creative integration. We offer novel and unique promotional tools to clients in order to most efficiently transmit content via the integration of such resources as television media, on-line media, print media, movie production teams and affiliated marketing agencies.

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